pg_archivecleanup to clean old archive logs in PostgreSQL

pg_archivecleanup is designed to be used as an archive_cleanup_command to clean up WAL file archives when running as a standby server. pg_archivecleanup can also be used as a standalone program to clean WAL file archives.

If you are using it in the stadnby server (where stadnby server configured with log-shipping) then put below option in recovery.conf in stadnby server.

archive_cleanup_command = ‘pg_archivecleanup archivelocation %r’

If you want to use the pg_archivecleanup command to clean the archive logs in a standlone node use the below command. When used as a standalone program all WAL files logically preceding the restartwalfile will be removed from archivelocation.

pg_archivecleanup [ option … ] archivelocation restartwalfile


pg_archivecleanup -d /home/postgres/archive 000000010000003700000010.00000020.backup

This will remove all the logfiles which are older than “000000010000003700000010”

So After completion of the base backup we can use this command to clean the old archivelogs.

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