Interview questions in PostgreSQL

Below are some of PostgreSQL interview questions

  • How to install PostgreSQL using source code ?
  • What is the architecture of PostgreSQL ?
  • What is clog buffer and how it is useful ?
  • How to restore if you lost a data file ?
  • How to clone a database in PostgreSQL ?
  • How to configure streaming replication ?
  • How to do Point in time recovery in PostgreSQL ?
  • Due to some mistake if a teamember done a wrong update, how you will recover it ?
  • How you monitor PostgreSQL databases ?
  • What is the backup stratagy you are using ?
  • What is MVCC ?
  • What is vacuuming in PostgreSQL ?
  • If a query was running less time yesterday, Suddenly it is taking too much time now. How will you troubleshoot ?
  • Do you know how to configure SSL in PostgreSQL ?
  • What are the major memory related parameters in PostgreSQL ?
  • Do you have any idea about tools like pgbadger , pgpool ?

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