How to configure NFS in REDHAT Linux

If we want to share a folder in a server with another server we can do that using the NFS. Below is very simple configuration I have done , for the same in my Virtual machine.

Below is my configuration

NODE3 : (NFS Client)

NODE2 : (NFS Server)
Folder to share : /u01/SOFTWARE

Steps to configure

1) Install the required packages for the NFS on both the server(NODE2) and client(NODE3).


To install the package , use the below command.

rpm -ivh


    2a)    make an entry about the directory we want to share in the /etc/exports file like below.

    2b)    Start the services
    service nfs start
    service portmap start
    2c) Configure service will start automatically after reboot.
    chkconfig nfs on
    chkconfig portmap on


    3a)    execute the below command as root user.

    mkdir /SOFTWARE

    mount /SOFTWARE

    [root@node3 etc]# df -h
    Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda5             9.5G  647M  8.4G   8% /
    /dev/sda9             2.9G   69M  2.7G   3% /opt
    /dev/sda8             4.8G  138M  4.4G   4% /home
    /dev/sda7             4.8G  2.7G  1.9G  60% /usr
    /dev/sda10            1.9G   36M  1.8G   2% /usr/local
    /dev/sda6             4.8G  194M  4.3G   5% /var
    /dev/sda3             9.5G  151M  8.9G   2% /tmp
    /dev/sda1             2.9G   75M  2.7G   3% /boot
    tmpfs                 501M     0  501M   0% /dev/shm 59G   12G   44G  21% /SOFTWARE ===> Filesystem got mounted.

    3b)    Make below entry in /etc/fstab of nfs client (NODE2) to mount the filesystem automatically after reboot. /SOFTWARE             nfs4     soft,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,nosuid

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