Listener in INTERMEDIATE status with "Not All Endpoints Registered"

I am using Oracle RAC. one day my Application started complaining that they are not able to establish the connection to the database. After that I have checked the status of cluster using the “crsstat”. I have seen this message “Listener in INTERMEDIATE status with Not All Endpoints Registered”. 

I searched the same in metalink (Doc ID 1454439.1). I found that a listener is running from the Oracle database home. As per 11.2 , listener should run from the Oracle Grid.

Solution :-

1. Stop the listener running from RDBMS ORACLE_HOME
$/bin/lsnrctl stop LISTENER
2. stop the listener from GRID_HOME
$/bin/srvctl stop listener -n
$/bin/srvctl stop scan_listener -i
$/bin/srvctl stop listener -n racnode1
$/bin/srvctl stop scan_listener -i 1
If above command fails to stop the tnslsnr process, please use “kill -9 ” to stop the LISTENER and LISTENER_SCAN1 process.
3. remove any manually added LISTENER definition from listener.ora if it exists
4. restart the LISTENER and LISTENER_SCAN1  from GRID_HOME
$/bin/srvctl start listener -n
$/bin/srvctl start scan_listener -i
5. check crsctl stat res -t output, they both should show ONLINE status now.

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