ORA-15018 ORA-15033 ASM

I am creating the diskgroup for my new OCR and voting disks in oracle 11G. While the command is running i have cancel the process. But ASM has already created the diskgroup and added the disks into the diskgroup but not showing in ASM.

[root@node2 bin]# kfod status=TRUE asm_diskstring=’/dev/raw/raw*’ disk=all dscvgroup=TRUE
WARNING: Using brute force method to determine the size of /dev/raw/rawctl.
 There will be performance issues. Please check configuration to determine the cause for the failure of ioctl
 Disk          Size Header    Path                                     Disk Group   User     Group  
   1:       9542 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw1                            OCR_VOTING   oracle   oinstall
   2:      47689 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw10                           FRA          oracle   oinstall
   3:      47689 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw11                           FRA          oracle   oinstall
   4:      93821 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw12                           FRA          oracle   oinstall
   5:      10244 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw13                           DATA_STD     oracle   oinstall
   6:      10244 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw14                           NEW_OCR      oracle   oinstall <===
   7:      10244 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw15                           NEW_OCR      oracle   oinstall <===
   8:      51207 Mb CANDIDATE /dev/raw/raw16                           #            oracle   oinstall
   9:      51207 Mb CANDIDATE /dev/raw/raw17                           #            oracle   oinstall
  10:      51207 Mb CANDIDATE /dev/raw/raw18                           #            oracle   oinstall
  11:      51207 Mb CANDIDATE /dev/raw/raw19                           #            oracle   oinstall
  12:       9543 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw2                            OCR_VOTING   oracle   oinstall
  13:      51207 Mb CANDIDATE /dev/raw/raw20                           #            oracle   oinstall
  14:      51207 Mb CANDIDATE /dev/raw/raw21                           #            oracle   oinstall
  15:      51207 Mb CANDIDATE /dev/raw/raw22                           #            oracle   oinstall
  16:      10244 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw23                           NEW_OCR      oracle   oinstall <===
  17:      10134 Mb CANDIDATE /dev/raw/raw24                           #            oracle   oinstall
  18:       9543 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw3                            OCR_VOTING   oracle   oinstall
  19:      47689 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw4                            DATA         oracle   oinstall
  20:      47689 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw5                            DATA         oracle   oinstall
  21:      47689 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw6                            DATA         oracle   oinstall
  22:      47689 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw7                            DATA         oracle   oinstall
  23:      47689 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw8                            FRA          oracle   oinstall
  24:      47689 Mb MEMBER    /dev/raw/raw9                            FRA          oracle   oinstall
ORACLE_SID ORACLE_HOME                                                        
     +ASM1 /u01/app/11.2.0/grid                                                

But when i try to mount the disk group it is saying the diskgroup does not exist and giving following error codes

ora-15018 , ora-15033

I have used the force option of the mount command to mount the diskgroup then it got mounted

SQL> alter diskgroup NEW_OCR mount force;

disk group is mounted

After canceling if you find that some disks are added and some disks are not added then use the force option in the create diskgroup command.

use the force option for the disks which are already added.

SQL> create diskgroup PLAY disk
‘/dev/raw/raw23’ FORCE,

Diskgroup created

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